Icelander with over twenty years of computer experience. Fifteen years of programming experience, much of it web-related, but also low-level programming. Two degrees in psychology, with hands-on research experience. Considerable writing experience. I work for Automattic inc.. I am a board member of Alda, a non-profit think-tank in Iceland focussed on democracy. I also do quite a bit of writing (in Icelandic).


  • MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences, University College London, 2014-2015.
    • Title of thesis: A Subtle Reminder Does Not Cause Updating of Episodic Memories.
    • Advisor: David Shanks
  • BS Psychology (Hons), University of Iceland, 2006-2010 (180 ECTS).
    • Title of thesis: The word-length effect in Icelandic in light of Baddeley’s theory of working memory.
    • Advisor: Jörgen L. Pind.


  • Automattic Inc., June 2016- VIP Wrangler. Lead development and integration of continuous integration for clients, also high-touch support for clients and management of internal systems.
  • University of Iceland, The Icelandic Web of Science, June 2007-2016. Webmaster, software development and database management, security.
  • Kosmos & Kaos ehf., May 2011-June 2014. Head software developer, oversaw all IT operations, planned future IT solutions for the company. Internal Drupal specialist, focusing on back-end programming, problem-solving as well as optimization and running of several custom servers.
  • Krítík Helgarblað, February 2010-February 2011. Software Developer.
  • University of Iceland, Department of Nursing, June 2010-August 2010. Research assistant. Calculations on the frequency of interruptions in nursing; created tables, graphs.
  • University of Iceland, Department of Psychology, January 2010-May 2010. Teaching assistant. Assisted with teaching in a course on sensation and perception.
  • University of Iceland, Department of psychology, June 2009-August 2009. Research assistant; Programming, E-Prime, statistics.
  • FRISK Software International, October 2004-August 2006. Software Developer.
  • Tölvun ehf., Westman Islands, 2001-2004. Systems administrator and developer.

Interests and knowledge

  • Languages: Icelandic (native), English (full professional proficiency).
  • More than twenty years of experience with computers. Software development experience lasting fifteen years, professional experience lasting more than a decade.
  • Experience includes
    • Languages: Python, PHP, C, Perl, R, JavaScript, E-Prime (VisualBasic), Pascal, shellscripts.
    • Operating systems: Linux, Windows, MS-DOS.
    • Databases: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL.
    • Content Management Systems/Frameworks: WordPress, Django, Drupal (module development, optimization),WordPress, Smarty.
    • Automated testing & deployment: TeamCity, Selenium, Behat, Mink, Jenkins.
    • Virtualization systems: Virtualbox, Docker
    • Support systems: Consul, BIND
    • Also: Apache, Varnish, Monotone, git, SVN, GlusterFS, Sendmail, Samba, Cygwin, GnuPG, PGP,OTR.
    • Typesetting: LaTeX.
    • Statistics / methodology: Excellent knowledge of statistics and methodology. Much experience with SPPS and R.